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Commercial Excavating
Brenneman Excavating has handled a wide variety of commercial excavating projects in the northwest Ohio area since 1997.  Call 419-339-3613 or Email us for a quote today.  Brenneman Excavating can do site development excavation including building pad, parking lot and utilities (sanitary sewer, storm sewer & water lines).  Brenneman Excavating can also do subdivision excavation including street construction, sanitary sewer, storm sewer and water lines.  Brenneman Excavating also can do laser grading which allows for automatic laser control for waterways and for grading within a quarter inch in half the time of traditional grading.  Laser grading is the latest technology for building pads and will save your project time and money.

Site Development (building pad, parking lots, utilities)

Subdivisions (street construction, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water lines)

Laser Grading

Call 419-339-3613 or Email us for a quote today.

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